Management of generated waste packaging

Management of generated waste packaging

Our activities are based on coordination between legal entities that generate packaging waste in their business processes (paper/cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, wood) and authorised waste collectors and recyclers who, depending on the type of waste, have the appropriate permit.

Thanks to a large network of associates, we cover the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia.

We provide appropriate equipment for the collection and sorting of packaging waste at the locations of business entities, in accordance with the needs of clients and the amount of packaging waste generated.

At your request sent to, we hire an authorised packaging waste collector.

After confirmation of the collected and measured quantity, you receive a Document on the movement of waste, as proof that the packaging waste has been disposed of in accordance with the law, which you need to show to the competent inspection.

We provide dedicated office space boxes for the primary selection of office paper:

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